Support Earthquake Victims in Southern Philippines

Successive earthquakes have destroyed homes, properties and livelihoods across the Southern Philippines. At the moment most of the support by the government and humanitarian agencies is focused on providing temporary shelter, food, water and medical assistance for the injured. As per our experience in other disasters, the need to build or repair latrines is not given priority and the absence of latrines may cause a second wave of disaster which is sickness caused by open defecation.

We will repair or build new latrines targeting very poor families affected by the earthquake. Aside from the latrines we will also provide hygiene kits like soap. feminine pads and toothbrush. In this way we will help arrest the spread of diseases in the affected areas. A small component of our response will be to promote vegetable gardening among the affected families so that they are able to improve their nutrition and income.

Eventual recovery of very poor, vulnerable families affected by the earthquake. Our support is crucial and we are one of the best in disaster response with our water and sanitation support.


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